Agape Boarding School

Agape Boarding School

12998 E. 1400 Rd, Stockton, MO 65785

Gender: Male
Age Range: 12 - 17

Phone: (417) 276-7215

Program type: In-patient - Addiction Treatment, Boarding Schools, Mentoring Programs, Preparatory School, Ranches, School for Learning Disabilities, Therapeutic Boarding Schools


therapy and counselingAgape Boarding School serves struggling teenage boys, providing counseling, a college prep education and competitive athletics. It is a lower-cost, not-for-profit Christian boarding school with an exceptional campus. Agape uses a loving approach to work with boys who are rebellious, choosing the wrong friends, experimenting with drugs or alcohol, or unmotivated in school.

Through a structured program, counseling, and daily encouragement, boys mend relationships with family and learn to interact appropriately with authorities, peers, and their community. Graduates take responsibility for their actions and seek daily to serve others.

Agape Boarding School has helped thousands of boys over the last twenty years to mature into respectable young men. With their lives back on track, these boys graduate high school and move on to college and bright successful futures. Agape has accommodations on its 200-acre ranch for 120 boys and 28 staff families, with a wide variety of athletic, recreational, and animal facilities.

therapy and counseling

Compare Agape Boarding School to a therapeutic boarding school or teen programs and you will find that the program offers much more. Agape’s program and campus facilities are much more advanced than most teen programs and we are also much more affordable. Agape is the perfect atmosphere where teen boys that struggle with authority or who have been swayed into bad behavior by their peers can get their lives back on the right track. For over twenty-two years, Agape Christian Boarding School has helped thousands of boys, giving them a firm foundation, and transforming them into respectful young men with a renewed relationship with his parents and a walk with Christ.

therapy and counselingAgape Boarding School has also helped many teens learn Christian values and grow in their faith. We are specifically designed in structure and care to be a positive influence to turn struggling teen boys around to become mature, thoughtful and respectful young men, with a renewed purpose and outlook on life. We’ll also help your teenager get back on track academically, with fully accredited academics and transferable high school credits.

If your son is out of control, failing school, experimenting with alcohol or marijuana, or you feel you are losing your son, Agape Boarding School can help get him back on track! 

At Agape, teenage boys have the opportunity to get back on track academically with accredited high school courses. If your son is out of control, failing school, rebellious, defiant, experimenting with alcohol or marijuana, or if you feel you are losing your son, Agape Boarding School will help get him back! Agape is designed to work specifically with teens that have gotten off track in life, or who have been diagnosed with ADHDODDADDRAD, or who are lacking motivation in their education and their own future.

Agape’s facilities have grown to include an office complex, dining hall and kitchen, dormitory, full size gym, outdoor ball courts, swimming pool, recreation center, theater room, two outdoor riding arenas, baseball field, football and soccer fields, lake, amphitheater, several horse barns, outdoor rodeo arena and rodeo grounds, and more.

agape-boarding-school-300x255Agape gives teens the opportunity to turn their life around by offering a fresh start, a quality education with fully accredited academics and college preparatory studies, as well as sports and vocational training. The Agape campus is an amazing place, the approach is loving, and the belief is that a changed heart comes from a personal relationship with God. Even if your teen is failing in his faith or is not a Christian, Agape can still help him.

Agape’s program and facilities are much more advanced than most teen programs and the tuition is a fraction of therapeutic boarding schools. Agape is the perfect atmosphere where teen boys that struggle with authority or who have been swayed into bad behavior by their peers can get their lives back on the right track. For over twenty-three years, Agape Christian Boarding School has operated as effectively as a therapeutic boarding school, helping transform thousands of boys into respectful young men with a renewed relationships, a new purpose in life and a closer walk with Christ.

Keeping Parents Involved in Student Progress through Regular Communication

Agape keeps family involved throughout a student’s stay at Agape. Regular communication takes place between parents and the student, between the student and staff, and between staff and parents. We all work together through phone calls, letters and visits. We send quarterly academic and behavior progress reports, on top of regular communication with parents. Parents are encouraged to call or email staff for updates as often as they wish.

Restoring Proper Family Relationships

Agape’s goal is to help reestablish the student’s relationship with their family. As boys learn to interact appropriately with their parents, they also work toward mending broken relationships. Family counseling sessions are held over the phone as needed, such as when topics come up in a student’s individual counseling. Parents also conference with the student’s counselor when they come for visits. After the program, Agape provides six months of follow-up to help with the transition home.

They strive to see boys return home willing to honor their parents and live respectfully under their authority.


Agape Boarding School understands that it is important for young men to stay active. Athletic opportunities are a great way to accomplish this. We offer sports for two reasons. One, athletics gives the students some enjoyable activities to help Agape be a more normal high school experience. We also use sports as a teaching tool for such qualities as perseverance, teamwork, proper attitude, and more. Boys gain basic athletic skills and many character traits through participation.

agape-basketballAgape Boarding School offers many different activities and sports including basketball, wrestling, boxing, baseball, swimming, volleyball, soccer, football, fishing, canoeing, a golf tournament, and an equestrian program which includes our summer rodeo events. Most of these activities will be held on campus; however, travel may be required with basketball, wrestling, and boxing teams.

Some sports are mandatory, while participation in others is entirely voluntary. For some sports, such as basketball, there are tryouts for a team and Agape competes with other schools and in tournaments. It is important that each student stay active and healthy and learn to participate in activities and an athletics program. Skill level is important but there are intramural sports as well. All students have Physical Education (P.E.) classes three times a week during school hours. On weekends, they may select activities for themselves.

The athletic director is also the P.E. teacher and basketball coach. There are many sports camps annually, for which we hire coaches for the week. All students participate in wrestling, basketball, and soccer camps. Voluntary annual camps for boxing, softball, and football are available too. There is an exciting outdoor challenge week, featuring events such as canoeing, archery, fishing, or air-soft rifles. The summer rodeo is the highlight of their equestrian program.

The athletic program is one of the many strengths of Agape Boarding School. Boys benefit greatly from the skills they learn through athletics, and they reap those benefits both on and off the field.

Agape Boarding School Reviews, Comments and Testimonials

  • About 1 1/2 yrs. ago, we were in the position of desperately searching for the right place for our 13 y.o. son. I know what to look for in a school, through the MANY hours of “Googling”, searching, calling, reviewing. Nothing compares to the whole package we have found in Agape. Firstly, and most importantly it is Christian-founded. You absolutely cannot find a better place. They have the crucial balance between an extremely structured environment, and the fact that they absolutely love these boys, and their desire is for the boys to take responsibility for their own choices, stop blaming everyone else for their problems, and learn to truly live an abundant life that God wants to bless them with. The food is all home cooking, and out of this world. The facilities are immaculate. The boys work hard, eat well, are cared for as sons. Tuition is well below average.

    –Parent of Former Student

  • Agape Boarding School has helped my son and has literally saved my son’s life. He thanks me for sending him to Agape Boarding School. His smile is back! The staff at Agape Boarding School are amazing. I have seen Ma’am come and hug the boys and have great conversations with them. The staff laugh with the boys, but at the same time demand respect. I love my Agape family and I’m blessed that they are around to help families come together again. It’s sometimes tough raising teens in today’s culture and we need to stand together for all of our boys! Agape Boarding School is my answer to prayer!


  • Agape Boarding School has saved the life of my son as well as the rest of the family. My son was adopted at age 7 from a third world country. He had spent his entire life in a bad orphanage. Upon arrival, his behavior was utterly out-of-control — though family, teachers and professionals were doing all they could to get him help. After 3 and a half horrible years, I enrolled him in Agape Boarding School. One year later, he is much improved. He’s not perfect, but he has calmed down and started to learn. If he hadn’t gone to Agape, there is no doubt in my mind that he would already, at age 12, have a criminal record.

    –Parent of Former Student

About Program:

Cost Per Day: $50 - $150

Financial assistance available: Yes

Average Length of Stay: Over 12 Months

Number of clients at facility: 50 +

Staff to Client Ratio: 1:7+

Staff credentials:

Accredited school on site: Yes

Spiritual component: Yes

Christian programming: Yes

Family counseling available: Yes

Licensed within state: Yes


Secure Facility

Capable of using physical restraint

Ability to dispense medication

Accredited school on property

Tutoring is available

Christian programming

Has a spiritual component

Recreation program

Wilderness Therapy Component

Horse Therapy

Family Therapy

Life Skills Programming

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Should you need help finding private boarding schools, Christian therapeutic schools, rehab centers near me,therapeutic boarding schools, affordable therapeutic boarding schools, therapeutic boarding schools, or boarding schools for troubled teens, please let us know. As the parent of a troubled teen, you’re faced with even greater challenges. This is especially true if your teen is abusing drugs or alcohol. A troubled teen faces behavioral, emotional, or learning problems beyond the normal teenage issues. While any negative behavior repeated over and over can be a sign of underlying trouble, it’s important for parents to understand which behaviors are normal during adolescent development, and which can point to more serious problems. Teenagers want to feel independent – that’s normal. But that doesn’t include acting out in dangerous ways (danger to them, you or others). If your teenager is creating self-destructive situations, you can’t afford not to intervene. Teenagers don’t make severe switches in personality just out of the blue. If they’re making drastic behavioral changes, there’s a reason. It’s a cause-and-effect situation. As a parent, it’s your responsibility to identify what’s behind the change. It may be a recent event, or it may be something deep-rooted. Negative events that happened in earlier years will shape a child’s personality. By the time they become teenagers, they’ve been living with the resulting pain for most of their lives. Teenagers will act on these feelings with more lasting — and harmful — consequences. So, listen to him or her and resist the urge to judge or advise; sometimes just being heard helps. Even though they’re often reluctant to admit it, they seek approval, love, and a “soft place to fall” in their parents. If they don’t feel valued, loved and understood at home, they’ll turn elsewhere to get the acceptance they so deeply need. Your responsibility is to ensure the well-being and safety of your child. Intervening in a dangerous situation (like ones involving drugs, abuse or truancy) might make your child dislike you temporarily, but it will also save his or her life. Don’t “go along just to get along;” do what’s best for your child.

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Agape Boarding School is a Christian Boarding School in Stockton Missouri for boys ages 12-17.

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