Liahona Academy

Liahona Academy

325 W 600 N, Hurricane, UT 84737

Gender: Male
Age Range: 12 - 17


Program type: In-patient - Boarding Schools, Residential Treatment, Therapeutic Boarding Schools


Liahona Academy is known by educational consultants and other behavioral/mental health professionals as a residential treatment center for troubled teens.  Liahona Academy serves teens and their families who are struggling with a variety of personal and relationship issues including but not limited to defiance, depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, academics, poor peer choices, substance abuse, and other self-harming behaviors.  Liahona Academy is a therapy program with academics, specializing in grade repair and credit recovery.


About Program:

Cost Per Day:

Financial assistance available:

Average Length of Stay:

Number of clients at facility:

Staff to Client Ratio:

Staff credentials (list major ones):

Accredited school on site: Yes

Spiritual component: No

Christian programming: No

Family counseling available: Yes

Licensed within state: Yes


Family therapy

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Should you need help finding boys homes, girls Christian boarding schools, girls boarding schools, best troubled teen schools, military schools, or christian schools near me, please let us know. When exploring options for therapy, whether for mental health issues, substance abuse, or behavioral challenges, individuals and their families often encounter a choice between residential and outpatient therapy programs. Each type offers distinct approaches and benefits, tailored to the needs and circumstances of the patient. Residential therapy provides a structured environment where patients live at the facility throughout the duration of their treatment. This immersive setting allows for intensive care and constant support from medical and therapeutic staff. Patients can expect a comprehensive treatment plan that often includes individual therapy, group sessions, and sometimes holistic approaches like art or equine therapy. The sequestered nature of residential therapy helps individuals distance themselves from triggers and stressful environments, fostering a focused healing process.

Liahona Academy

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